Investment Management

Lomond has developed an Investment Management model which we believe will create value for investors through a three pillar investment management process.  Lomond Investment Management also has the advantage of being able to deliver not only a sourcing but an asset management solution for both private and institutional investors, once the asset has been acquired.

Lomond has developed a sourcing model that starts with rigorous analysis of market data on capital and rental value to identify attractive areas for investment in a target city.  It is then supplemented by in depth, on the ground experience from Lomond’s local management teams and from both sources assets identified that should add value to an investor’s portfolio and then sourced directly from the current owner, in most cases local developers.

Lomond has the ability to not only source assets on behalf of private or institutional investors in a manner that should add value but can then provide a quality asset management capability through our network of regional management agencies.

Lomond, using our unique sourcing and investment process has acquired a number of properties over recent months in Birmingham and Manchester on behalf of a range of institutional or private clients.  These assets have typically been acquired at a discount to market value of somewhere between 10% and 15% and on the basis of a gross yield in excess of 7% providing a net yield of 5%.