Institutional Asset Management

Lomond can offer either large Private or Institutional Investors a unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of working with a network of the strongest regional asset managers in the UK together with the central support required to provide large Private or Institutional investors with the benefits of a UK based Property Management Solution, including the following benefits:-

  • market leading / local knowledge across some of the key Private Rental Markets across a number of different regions;
  • on the ground experienced practitioners to perform Lettings, Property Management and Maintenance services;
  • central reporting on multiple assets across multiple regions across the UK;
  • market leading information on rental and capital value movements across a number of different regions;
  • economies of scale to deliver attractive management charges for large Private and Institutional investors;
  • marketing leading business processes to minimise time to let, voids and arrears in order to maximise investor returns;
  • professional Property Management and Maintenance service delivered to maintain or enhance long term value of asset.