Asset Management

Lomond’s strong belief is that the strongest asset management capability in the UK residential market exists amongst the larger regional players; businesses that have been established in their respective markets for a number of years and have strong local knowledge, strong management teams and structures and solid operating platforms.

Lomond Capital’s strategy is to acquire such businesses in the key Private Rental Markets in the UK and create a national asset management capability from the consolidation of these regional businesses.

Lomond has also developed central support services to manage assets on behalf of an institutional investor across a number of regions, centralising and reporting on all assets.

The private rental sector is large and rapidly growing and delivers investment returns which outperform other asset classes over 5 to 20 years, with the exception of 5 year gilts.  The market is growing rapidly as the UK moves towards a higher proportion of total housing stock being in the private rental sector.  Asset management in the UK market remains highly fragmented with over 15,000 agents operating in the UK market.

Lomond business model is to acquire good quality regional firms, Letting Agents and Estate Agents, in the key private rental markets in the UK, to build scale in the region, through acquisition of several businesses and then to expand the business model into the services that are provided under the US multi-family model.

Lomond Capital’s initial focus in any key private rental market in the UK is to identify a strong Lettings and Estate Agency business to act as the Hub or foundation business for Lomond’s operations in that particular city.  Lomond will acquire a majority stake in this business, a significant minority interest being retained by local management.  Lomond will then provide central support on acquisitions and integration together with funding to allow the Hub or foundation business to acquire other businesses in the region.  Lomond will then work with the foundation business to extend the range of services to replicate the full end to end service proposition delivered by businesses operating in the US multi-family model or similar models in Europe.

Lomond Capital looks to acquire a majority equity stake in large Lettings and Estate Agency businesses in our target cities, with the Management Teams of those Partnership businesses then benefiting from investment to acquire other good quality businesses in their region.  

Lomond are looking for strong and ambitious management teams to lead and invest in the target regions and have backed a number of management teams with strong operational capability and ambition to acquire and to grow organically through introduction of a number of new services.

Lomond offers the opportunity to good quality regional businesses to sell into one of our partnership businesses.  The benefit of selling to Lomond is that you would be selling to a well-respected regional partnership brand and to a group with a focus on caring for both your clients and staff during the transfer and beyond, as well as maximising returns to you as a vendor.

Lomond’s business model allows for the widening out of services within a region to include the full range of services required by professional landlord, whether they be private or institutional investors

Lomond has developed central support to allow either private or institutional investors who hold assets in multi regions to have a single point of contact and co-ordinated reporting on assets held in multi regions.  Private and institutional investors can however continue to enjoy the benefits of working with a network of the strongest regional asset managers at the same time as having streamlined / centralised reporting.