Our History

Nov 2010
Launch of business on first acquisition
Nov 2010
Braemore (Edinburgh)
Mar 2011
Slater Hogg (Edinburgh)
Sept 2011
The Lettings Service (Edinburgh)
Feb 2012
James Gibb Property Management (Edinburgh)
Sept 2012
Charles White Lettings (Edinburgh)
Nov 2012
Alba (Edinburgh)
Nov 2012
Penny Ashton (Manchester)
Sept 2012
Entry into Aberdeen market
Sept 2012
K.W.A.D. (Aberdeen)
Sept 2012
Simpson Brebner (Aberdeen)
Jan 2013
Bon Accord (Aberdeen)
Feb 2013
Alastair Macdonald (Insurance – Edinburgh)
Mar 2013
Stonehouse (Aberdeen)
Sept 2013
Yvonne Moir (Aberdeen)
Feb 2013
Woodstar (Edinburgh)
Sept 2013
Entry into Manchester market
Sept 2013
Thornley Groves (Manchester)
Sept 2013
Investec investment
Nov 2013
Launch of Investment Management
Apr 2014
Steyn (Edinburgh)
Feb 2014
Allison & Co
Jun 2014
Alex Hutcheon (Aberdeen)
Jul 2014
Langley Apartments (Aberdeen)
Jul 2014
Vital Space
Jul 2014
MML Capital investment
Aug 2014
Entry into Birmingham market
Aug 2014
Pagan Osborne (St Andrews)
Aug 2014
John Shepherd Lettings (Birmingham)
Dec 2014
Shepherd Gilmour (Manchester)
Nov 2014
Insurance Check
Mar 2015
Grant & Wilson Lettings / Bruce and Partners Lettings (Glasgow and Aberdeen)
May 2015
Barlow Costley (Manchester)
Jan 2016
John Shepherd Estate Agents
Nov 2016
Lettings Places Letting Agents
Jan 2017
Feb 2017
Bruce Evans appointment
Apr 2017
New acquisition facility of £37.5m secured from Clydesdale Bank and Tosca Debt Capital
May 2017
Entry into Brighton market
May 2017
Brand Vaughan
May 2017
Wolf's Letting and Estate Agency
Aug 2017
Raeburn Christie Clark & Wallace Leasing Business
Dec 2017
Tanat-Jones & Company
Dec 2017
Hallmark Residential
May 2018
SDL Group Lettings
May 2018
Bonett’s Estate and Lettings Agents