Lomond Broader Services

Lomond’s business model allows for the widening out of services within a region to include the full range of services required by professional landlord, whether they be private or institutional investors. The business model is a more comprehensive “end to end” model for Professional and Institutional Investors based on US / European Models.

Sourcing Investment Management

Approximately two thirds of Lomond’s current investors would like to acquire more assets and for Lomond to advise on appropriate areas and assets.


Delivered in house to deliver improved customer service, minimise Investor costs and increase Lomond margin.

Estate Agentcy Sales

We aim to develop sales capability within the regional asset management capabilities to ensure we obtain a margin on exit and ideally retain the asset management mandate.

Traditional Lettings Business

The core of the Lomond business model is building upon strong fundamentals within good quality regional asset management businesses acquired with a focus on managing time to let, voids and arrears in order to maximise investors returns.

Block Management

US / European models would expect property management to include block management as typically Institutional investors are investing in blocks of purpose built stock.


A number of investors buy products that are not fit for purpose or, where products are fit for purpose they represent poor value. Lomond in-house proposition addresses both of these issues.

Debt/ Mortgage Sourcing

More than 50% of Lomond’s current investors have less than 25% leverage, not due to low appetite but low understanding of how to access such facilities.