Benefits of becoming a Lomond Partner

Business owners have realised a number of different benefits from becoming one of Lomond Capital’s partnership businesses.

  • opportunity to realise value from existing business providing vendors from risks associated with further regulation and new entrants in a rapidly changing market
  • opportunity to obtain access to capital to allow the business to grow through acquisition
  • opportunity to access central acquisition and integration support services to allow the business to grow successfully through acquisition
  • opportunity to grow business organically through central marketing support services
  • opportunity to open up new revenue lines to clients and Lomond broader business model is developed in your region
  • opportunity to rely on central resources in such areas as regulation, compliance, IT, HR
  • opportunity to benefit from significantly higher multiples on exit

Lomond are looking for strong and ambitious management teams to lead and invest in the target regions and have backed a number of management teams with strong operational capability and ambition to acquire and to grow organically through introduction of a number of new services.