Our Business

Lomond’s business model is based on acquiring good quality regional firms, scaling those firms through acquisitions and broadening the business model. Regional partnership businesses retain and equity stake in the business with Lomond providing funding and support to build the regional business to be the dominant business in the region.

Significant benefits have been realised by business owners either wanting to become a Lomond Partnership Business or by selling their business to Lomond. Partnership businesses benefit from the opportunity to realise value from the existing business, subsequently building the business via the on-going support for acquisitions, support on generating significant organic growth and the ability to rely on central resources in such areas as regulation, compliance, IT and HR, together with opportunity to benefit from a significant uplift on the exit multiples enjoyed by all shareholders including vendors from the enlarged business in the longer term.

Lomond, in conjunction with Regional Partnership businesses, develop a broader service propositions for Private and Institutional Clients, through the implementation of a business model aligned with US multi-family sector.